SBS has designed pods to facilitate exchanges between the private and professional sphere.

Procyon - Premium

Premium Procyon cabins have been carefully designed to ensure user comfort and productivity. With more than a hundred possible and customizable combinations, Procyon cabins are available in a wide range of colors and refined finishes. Thus, they can blend into the most fun and colorful universes and respect the brand image of the brand.


Concentration space – 1 person
The Seatbox is the ideal addition to your open space.


Concentration space – 1 person
The telephone booth is an excellent work space.


Collaborative space – 2 people
With its modern design and features, is the ideal solution for meetings.


Collaborative space – 4 people
Ideal for collaborative meetings and creative brainstorming sessions.


Collaborative space – 6 people
Discover the perfect meeting room for 6 people with our acoustic cabin.

Perfect control of the chain