SBS has designed pods to facilitate exchanges between the private and professional sphere.

Recycling Ranges

An innovative concept with the “environmentally friendly” symbol. We have developed a new concept that allows and ensures the complete recycling of your smart pods. We maintain the same high standards in terms of quality and functionality. Your smart pods are completely cleaned and disinfected. We replace all electrical equipment, foam, fabrics, ceilings and carpets. We are also correcting any defects in the outer coverings of smart pods. We do all this to give new life to your smart pods and contribute to a greener working environment.

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We work with certified partners

1 – Pod recycling, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire nacelle.

2 – Fabrics Replacement of all interior foams and fabrics (carpets, seats, backrests) and upholstery panels.

3 – Lighting Replacement of all electrical equipment (cables, lighting, etc.)

4 – Exterior Rectification of all imperfections and damage to the nacelle’s exterior and interior paintwork.