SBS has designed pods to facilitate exchanges between the private and professional sphere.

Eco Friendly

The Smart Pod is ideal for co-working, brainstorming and meetings for all types of collaborative working without fear of being interrupted or disturbed by other colleagues. Today, it is imperative that all types of workspace are designed and built in a totally sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. That’s why we’ve developed this Smart Pod. It is entirely “Eco Friendly”, as it has been designed using 100% ecological materials that comply with the strictest environmental standards.


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ARS® (Air cooling system)
This range features the optional ARS® (Air Cooling System) to help cool the temperature inside the pod by up to 3 degrees.

DIMMER – Light and ventilation regulation
Depending on what you want, a 5-speed light and ventilation dimmer is fitted to the central column, allowing you to adjust the intensity of each piece of equipment. Simply press the buttons above or below the pictograms. By default, the cabs are equipped with light, ventilation and connectors. They come on when a person enters the cab. The air inside the cab is fully regenerated every minute (intensity adjustable with the dimmer). When the cabin is no longer occupied, it will remain on and continue to ventilate for 3 minutes to ensure that the air is fully regenerated for the next use. Once these 3 minutes have elapsed, the light and ventilation will switch off automatically. Of course, the cabin can be occupied directly after the last use without waiting the 3 minutes.

The structure of our cabins is made of birch plywood. This type of plywood is produced from 100% birch wood obtained by gluing adjacent layers together with crossed, right-angled wires of high quality and durability. It offers a number of advantages, including durability, wear resistance and resistance to more aggressive environments.

Made from 98% post-consumer recycled polyester, manufactured from used plastic bottles that would otherwise have ended up in landfill sites or in nature. The clear, colourless bottles are crushed into small flakes, melted into tiny granules, extruded into yarn and finally spun into fabric. The recycled polyester used is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified to verify the recycled content and guarantee traceability. Certified by the EU Ecolabel and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.




1) Acoustic PET
Composition: 100% recycled PET, made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

2) 100% natural cork
100% natural, reusable and recyclable. An excellent solution for acoustics.

3) Cork and recycled rubber
Made from recycled rubber and granulated cork. An excellent solution for acoustics.