SBS has designed pods to facilitate exchanges between the private and professional sphere.

Our mission

SBS has designed Smart Pods which aim to facilitate exchanges between private
and professional spheres. Our Smart Pods fit into this new landscape and become a reliable and efficient tool for using these daily exchanges.

Our vision

Facilitate life balance

We develop Pods to create bridges, facilitate
sustainable interconnections between the private and professional sphere
and thus allow users to optimize at any time, these
permanent exchanges which structurally allow them to move from one to
the other in a simple manner. and fluid, without breakage.

Smart Pods

Our ambition is to make users' lives easier by offering them a bridge between all the different aspects of their lives in order to gain efficiency and peace of mind.

Who we are

At SBS, we are fully aware of the importance of well-being in the workplace. With a focus on innovation, we are making a significant contribution to reducing noise pollution in the office. Since 2014, we've been among the first to design and manufacture acoustic pods offering thousands of users the possibility of two types of space: individual or collaborative, true environments dedicated to silence. Since then, with the help of our design & R&D department, we have continued to develop our products to provide users with ever greater comfort, services and technologies.

Our presence in the world

Sbs has an extensive network of authorized distributors. Our cabins are presented in our Paris showroom, but also in various showrooms around the world thanks to our partners. We are present on five continents and in some twenty countries where we are present and where our products are sold.


All SBS products are made in Europe. We have a manufacturing center: a 4000 m2 factory - La Pods Factory by Abstractview - with a current production capacity of 450 cabins per month, located 20 km from Porto in Portugal.

A corporate citizen...

We contribute to a better world

…committed to eco-responsibility

– All suppliers, materials and components used in the manufacturing of our products are certified;

– We do not use chemicals in the manufacturing of our products;

– Circular economy, use of recycled products in the manufacturing of our products;

– Second life of our products, reconditioning and sale with warranty;

– Eco-contribution, maximization of transport, optimization of delivery routes;

– Recycling of packaging and waste;

– All materials and components used in the manufacturing of our products are certified.